Go for glam on prom night in a limo

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If you’re looking to boost your game and make prom night super memorable, lose the car. Go in style in a limo.
Teens, think about it: prom night is distracting enough without the hassle of driving yourself back and forth from homes to venues to parties.
First, there’s the prom clothes. Females wear gorgeous but often awkward dresses and heels, sometimes struggling to modestly climb in and out of tall SUVs and pickups or cramped little compacts. Guys wear restrictive tuxes and stiff, slippery-soled dress shoes.
Your clothes are unfamiliar and out of character for you, so you feel uncomfortable driving around. And that leads to the second point: Since you’re out of character and all gussied up, shouldn’t your ride match your character? Do you really want to do prom in your everyday car?
   Match your clothes with your ride. Chip in with other couples and rent a limousine. Now, that’s going in style!
You won’t hassle with traffic. No driving in uncomfortable clothes. No arriving at the venue in your beater car. Just get in the limo, sit back, laugh, and enjoy the elegant ride with your friends. Focus on fun and chilling out.
Parents will like this idea. That’s because they remember their own proms, and the fact is, good judgment sometimes takes a hike on prom night. It did for them, and it could for you and your peers. How do I know? Research.
PEMCO hired FBK Research to survey 1,000 Washington and Oregon adults in 2014, and we learned that when they attended prom as a teenager, 31% drove themselves, and 48% rode with a friend who was driving.
And one out of five said they drank alcohol that night.
   Even if they didn’t drink alcohol, 34% of those surveyed said they attended a prom party where alcohol was consumed.
So whether you’re a teenager or an adult, and whether you condone prom drinking or not, your sober self should recognize that drinking and driving is stupid. It’s just plain dangerous.
Lose the car. Go in style. Hire a limo!
Article is from https://www.pemco.com/
Go for glam on prom night in a limo

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